Bobby Pearce

US Head of Creative

Bobby oversees and directs all creative and strategic communications for Gravity Global across all our US offices.

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Home Office

Los Angeles, CA

He is an experienced creative leader and mentor with a demonstrated history of delivering powerful results for a wide range of brands both big and small, including; BMW, Budweiser, KIA, AT&T, Jack in the Box, FIJI Water, Wonderful Pistachios Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express, Citibank, Microsoft, Monday Night Football and more. Bobby has a proven track record for winning awards, winning new business and winning over his clients and co-workers through collaboration and mutual respect.
Bobby's philosophy towards the business can be summed up in two simple words. Human. Kind. For him, those are the two basic tenets behind any successful brand communication. Unearth a human truth that is culturally relevant and powerful and then share it with the world. All the while, remembering that regardless of whether your audience is B to C, B to B, or B to whatever, at the end of the day you’re speaking to humans. And lastly, but perhaps most importantly, treat those who work with you and for you, with humanity and kindness. Long story short, be human and be kind. And the universe will be kind back to you. Hopefully.
He is the Father of two sons, one 15 and the other 19. Bobby and his wife both went to the University of Georgia (aka the university who won back to back national football championships for the past two years) which is where his oldest son is now a freshman. They have two dogs, George and Tucker, who are both doodles who love people a little too much and are probably the world's least intimidating guard dogs. Or at least top five.


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