Norwich. City of stories. Founded anywhere between 594 and 1194 AD, depending on who you ask. Population 143,900, putting us on the smaller side of the UK’s major cities. But that’s the boring stuff. And Norwich is anything but boring.  

It’s not a place many people end up in by accident – you either come here on purpose or you probably couldn’t place us on a map. We’re a semi-metropolitan dot in a sea of gorgeous countryside and over 120 miles of rivers and lakes, known as the Norfolk Broads. We’re known for a few things – Norwich Castle, Norwich City F.C, Alan Partridge. You may have seen a clip of a British chef shouting “Let’s be having you” at a football game. That’s our Delia. History buffs might know us for being home to the legendary warrior-queen Boudica or the famed mystic and theologian Julian of Norwich. 

To native Norwich-ers, there’s a very different folklore. Our most scandalous news story is the battle between the local council and a man who may or may not have been running a restaurant out of his living room. And we’d happily have a statue erected of the man who dances with puppets outside Primark if we could. There’s a pub for every day of the year, a church for every week and it seems like everyone knows someone who knows someone you know. We’re quite a strange population – city folk with a community spirit, full of artists and writers and foodies. Strangers greet each other in the street on a semi-regular basis, much to the alarm of visiting Londoners. 

And in the middle of all this is Gravity Global’s Norwich office. Home to a team where creativity and collaboration is baked into every single one of us simply by virtue of existing in this weird, wonderful and right fine (pronounced “roiight foiine") city. 


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