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The problem

Arizonans generally have low interest in sports, so to engage them solely with hockey highlights alone would be a challenge.

Arizona Coyotes: 'Howl Yeah' Campaign Success
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Arizonans are extremely passionate about their state. What they were missing was a way to reignite their sense of belonging and uniting in difficult times. Sports bring people together – so instead of hyping hockey, we would hype unity “through” hockey.

We developed a rallying cry that the whole state of Arizona could get behind. HOWL YEAH.



Phoenix area sports fans and particularly, “fans in waiting.” Those fans that weren’t necessarily hockey fans, but just needed a little emotional incentive to get hooked. Arizona has the 4th largest Latino population. So we also targeted LatinX sports fans.


We didn’t just speak for a fanbase of the local underdogs, we spoke for all of Arizona. We ignited passion for the Coyotes by igniting the passion we Arizonans have for our amazing state. We said, Arizona has a ton to offer, including an NHL team that DESERVED to be in the playoffs, even if they were a warm-weather hockey club. 

All of this punctuated with a rallying cry for an entire region: Howl, Yeah!



“Howl Yeah” is an enormous success. Coyotes players took to social media to rep the line, Arizonans adopted it, elevating it to the #19 trending hashtag on Twitter, and sportscasters started using it while announcing the game. Our campaign had more engagement than any in Coyotes history.

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