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The challenge

Before Gravity Global, MidFirst Bank communications led with their customer-centric banking capabilities and their commitment to be true to their customer's money. But many competitors leaned into a similar messaging strategy and spoke to their qualities as a capable, trustworthy, friendly bank. In addition to a lack of message differentiation, there was little visual consistency between one media channel and another. The look and tone of the customer experience with the brand was different from one touchpoint to another.  

MidFirst Bank

The opportunity

We saw an opportunity to stand out in a sea of banking sameness and differentiate based on MidFirst’s unique attributes as a strong, stable, private bank that’s big enough to provide a broad mix of banking products and services, yet small enough to care about the customer. Gravity Global built the campaign evolution on a data-driven insight: people want a bank that understands them. It's a well-known fact that MidFirst Bank is focused on the people and communities they serve. For them, it’s about more than helping a customer reach their financial goals. It’s about helping them achieve their dreams. 

The solution

Gravity Global began by clearly defining MidFirst Bank's brand position, mission, and brand values. We started with the belief that MidFirst Bank believes you matter and vows to remain authentic, to prioritize your needs, and to craft a banking experience that is as individual as you are.  

The campaign strategy resulted in creative executions in social media and TV commercials in late 2023. The now fully integrated creative campaign informed broadcast, digital, and print ads, plus in-branch location signage in early 2024. Gravity Global launched a holistic, multi-media plan in the second quarter of 2024 with targeted messaging support in three states utilizing TV, CTV, Paid Search, Digital Display, Print, and OOH.   

MidFirst Bank
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MidFirst Bank
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The results

Overall, the social media audience grew 155% in 2023. Our engagement rates across all social media platforms were up 36% and we beat platform averages by three times or more.  

The multi-media campaign launch began in 2024, so results in all media channels are not available today. We are currently fielding a brand awareness study and will conduct an ad awareness study in mid-2024 to track the campaign’s continued success.  

MidFirst Bank

2024 Hermes Platinum Award: Integrated Marketing Campaign

The MidFirst Bank campaign is the proud winner of a Hermes Creative Award. This award from the Association of Marketing & Communications Professionals honors the messengers and creators who bring their ideas to life through traditional and digital platforms

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We developed platform strategies, content, and KPIs to build master brand awareness while driving product knowledge and trial through social media.

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