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The challenge

Airbus – one of the world’s leading aviation & technology brands – approached our team to assist them in helping pivot their brand direction. They wanted us to develop a creative platform that captured their newly penned purpose, putting it at the core of all brand and marketing activity .​

The new purpose, “Pioneering sustainable aerospace for a safe and united world” took a more responsible positioning, moving them away from the industry-wide product & feature-led marketing and onto a global platform that focuses on human experiences and outcomes, to demonstrate how Airbus’ aerospace innovation and drive can help improve society and the future of the planet.​

The opportunity

Our task was to create an outward-facing construct that articulated this purpose in a meaningful and engaging way; resonating with all stakeholders, and with the flexibility to cover all messaging requirements. Ultimately, we needed to create a new voice to stand out and lead the growing chorus of sustainability – showing that companies like Airbus recognize they have a vital role to play in the world’s ongoing push for sustainability and responsibility and that Airbus is leading this industry transformation.​

Our approach was to lead with an invitation in the form of the creation of a shared belief / movement. Giving Airbus a pivotal role in making change happen, to ensure the world continues to benefit from the advantages that the current and next generation of aerospace bring.​

The client asked for a new campaign, a media approach and marketing materials. They got that, but they got something a whole lot bigger too.​

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The solution

A multi-channel approach was adopted, consisting of print, OOH, videos and digital displays, in industry trade titles (a must in the aerospace industry) and at industry shows. But this is where the innovation came in. We supplemented this plan with additional, innovative high-impact OOH channels / creative.  ​

The first, and most noteworthy, was using the amazing LED display system on the Burj Khalifah to launch ‘The World Is A Beautiful Place’ at the start of the 2021 Dubai Air Show. This was a world first for the aerospace industry and proved to be popular in putting the platform in the hearts and minds of multiple audiences, including staff, who showed immense pride in being associated with such a launch.   ​

We used large OOH formats at Air Shows in Dubai, Singapore and Berlin. All supported by print and digital advertising to help Airbus own the conversation at these shows.  The platform was also used to support several industry conferences and events all around the world and was amplified through search and social media. ​


Immediate Results


Global brand awareness


Global brand sentiment

  • Beat commercial aircraft orders by 400%​
  • Airbus outperformed nearest competitor in terms ​of media visibility and media sentiment with over ​50% share of “positive coverage” in traditional and online media​
  • Influential coverage (Reuters, Bloomberg and The Air Current) highlighted Airbus’ optimism about the aviation sector and Airbus recovery after uncertainty in pandemic​
  • Airbus achieved more than twice the impact of ​nearest competitor with a higher number of posts and gross reach​
  • 188% more social media mentions about Airbus vs nearest competitor during event​
  • 110% increase in audience reach during event vs nearest competitor during event​
  • Airbus registered a higher Share of Voice in every region of the world, from 89% in Africa to a surprising 53% in America​
  • +57% uplift in traffic during event, compared to ​previous event​
  • +20% Dwell Time and Pages Visited

The results

It would have been easy to just buy print ads and billboards, but we never would have got the sizable reaction from the industry, the press and our clients.

Airbus beat commercial aircraft orders by 400% and registered a higher share of voice in every region of the world.

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