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Situation Before Gravity

The telecom and broadband sector is a commodified, consolidating market. Simply providing “pipes” is a path to decline. While everyone is talking data, price and performance, those talking points don't speak to what businesses really care about – increasing collaboration, speeding time to market, and risk mitigation.


We believe technology is nothing without the human touch. And while our research found that Windstream was already ahead of the game when it came to being a strategic, collaborative partner, their messaging was still falling back on the same old clichés. To really stand out we found a simple way forward. Windstream needed to shift from a company that offered one-time technology solutions into a partner that enables real business transformation – by showing technology as a means, not an end.

Hidden Opportunity

What We Did

Delivering data is table stakes. Today's enterprise is looking for innovation and transformation (and the ability to speak human). Our "Perpetual State of Winning" multi-channel advertising campaign was launched to redefine their strategic identity around a more human approach to telecom – both internally and to the public.

To help them spread the message, we developed corporate brand guidelines for external partners, playbooks for their sales team, field guides for marketers, and a messaging and influencer strategy for their PR efforts. We created a manifesto for employees to rally around and brand behavior guidelines for HR and internal culture efforts. And to help power their lead generation efforts, we also helped them refine their value proposition, segment their audiences, and manage all activity in a content matrix.

Wind Stream image
Wind Stream image
Wind Stream image

Immediate Results


Increase in unaided awareness


Increase in favorability


Response rate


More likely to consider


Leads captured

Long Lasting Value

Beyond just delivering a campaign, we helped Windstream align their sales and marketing culture around a singular, ownable vision. Not only did it change how Windstream was perceived in the marketplace, it shifted the way the company ran – with a single-minded focus to be a partner in bringing client's ideas to life.

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