Landing page, email nurture, sales sequence, and Terminus ads customized to five target accounts.

Situation before Gravity Global

Softheon needed to quickly convert and create opportunities from the awareness-level engagement they were seeing within their top five key accounts.


Gravity Global quickly developed, scaled, and mobilized a highly personalized 1:1 ABM strategy that leveraged a custom demo over breakfast (via direct mail) to each account.


What we did

  • Created messaging tailored to each account’s specific needs, motivations, and challenges
  • Utilized direct mail as a creative, untapped channel to establish 1:1 relationships with key members of the buying committee
  • Orchestrated marketing and sales touchpoints to target and influence key contacts
  • Expanded their reach within each account by simultaneously targeting and engaging each member of the buying committee via multiple channels

Immediate results

Within two weeks, three of the five key accounts schedule breakfast meetings with Softheon.

Long Lasting Value

The remaining two accounts have provided deep insight into opportunities for optimization, ex: copy/design, orchestrating additional support from sales across different channels, utilizing geo-targeting, and deeper contextual insights.

Giving Garbage a Good Name

Think Green®. Two little words helped transform a trusted trash hauler into North America's largest environmental services company with astounding results below.

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