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In a declining B2B marketplace, it takes a truly game-changing campaign to outstrip targets for marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) and orders. But that’s precisely what LeasePlan UK (LPUK) has delivered with Electric Moments.​

Building on extensive research, designed to identify obstacles preventing businesses and drivers from choosing electric vehicles (EVs) over traditional combustion engine cars/vans, Gravity partnered with LeasePlan to developed a multifaceted campaign that would later be recognized as the most successful marketing campaign in LPUK’s history.​



Informed and validated by extensive market research, the core creative theme underpinning this hugely successful campaign was ‘Electric Moments’, an emotionally-led territory that celebrated the ‘lightbulb’ moment when businesses and drivers realize the benefits of transitioning to EVs. Key to its success was the flexibility of Electric Moments; the extensive pre- campaign research helped us to uncover stories – or the ‘moment’ that EVs just made sense – and that in turn informed the creative messaging.​

Covid-19 decimated the UK fleet leasing market in 2020. With most people mandated to work from home, there wasn’t the same need for business- related cars/vans.​

But while vehicle numbers in this category dropped 2.2% between Q1 and Q4-2020 (source: BVRLA), there was a 0.7% uplift in consumer (B2C) vehicle leasing, with 15% being electric vehicles (EVs).​

LPUK has long sought to reduce the industry’s environmental impact; a founding member of the EV100, the company has committed to delivering net-zero emissions by 2030.​

The challenge, therefore, was to find a mechanism to capitalize on a growing EV opportunity – one that would promote EVs, as per the environmental pledge, while increasing orders in a contracted B2B market.​

Our strategy for achieving this was to support LPUK in creating a multifaceted campaign, underpinned by emotional creative and messaging, that would:​

  • Help overcome reservations about EVs.​
  • Give people confidence to choose electric.​
  • Position LPUK as the expert partner in transitioning to electric.​

What We Did


​Our media was highly targeted reaching corporate, SME and consumer audiences and combining brand and demand activity ensuring short-term results and long- term effectiveness. We also had to increase awareness of LeasePlan, a key obstacle to overcome for the consumer and SME audience. We aimed to create the ‘surround sound’ effect using multiple touchpoints and ensuring activity was running through- the-funnel. The following channels were used:​ Radio, Social, Display, Trade Press Partnerships and Credit Brokers.


Immediate Results

  • 121% of target MQLs in LPUK’s direct channel, EV orders 122% above target.
  • Doubling EV leads in LPUK’s indirect (broker) channel, with an acceleration in order run rate of 142% YoY.​
  • Delivering an ROI of 538% (c.£5.40 for every pound spent) based on an incremental uplift in year-on- year revenue generated through EV orders.​

Long Lasting Value

The campaign is regarded as the most successful marketing campaign in LPUK’s history. Highlights include:

  • 4% CTR from the digital activity vs. usual 1.5%​
  • Half the cost-per-lead compared to normal activity (£30 vs £60)​
  • Radio ‘listen-through-rate’ of 97.5% - above average for DAX campaigns​
  • 250 leads from the Raconteur activity alone​
  • 71k hub visitors​
  • 147,239 video-views (9,362 engagements)​
  • 169 pieces of coverage​
  • 23 radio interview (estimated listenership: 5.3million)​

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