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Situation Before Gravity

Delivering more than 17 billion minutes of voice traffic per month, Inteliquent’s network makes cross carrier calls and text messages possible for a variety of wireless carriers, cable companies, CLECs and broadband service providers. Despite their high quality and expansive network reach, Inteliquent wasn’t grabbing the attention of their customers. With new product launches on the horizon and a new corporate direction, Inteliquent partnered with Gravity to redesign their brand and website. The goal was to better connect with their customers and inform users, both customers and potential hires, of their unique mission in the telecommunications space.

Situation Before 9thWonder


We saw an opening to revitalize a dated logo. Additionally, Inteliquent had experienced a challenging recent re-brand that left consumers confused on their true identity. Their old logo and brand guidelines didn’t represent the innovation and fresh thinking Inteliquent brings to all of their services.

Hidden Opportunity

What We Did

After reviewing the company's upcoming business goals and initiatives, as well as new products being released, Gravity created a logo that represented the fun, yet forward-focused feel of Inteliquent’s business. Gravity utilized a dark charcoal gray as the main color of the logo, as well as bright accents of light blue and orange to bring energy into the logo. The logo’s connected "I" and "Q" tie together to represent how Inteliquent connects inter-carrier calls, the basis of their business, and show progressive, forward movement.

Once a new logo was created, Inteliquent needed a new website that reflected their modern identity and provided the right content to the right audiences. With usability testing, Gravity identified key issues with their current website and created a specific roadmap for content and site architecture moving forward.

Inteliquent image
Inteliquent image
Inteliquent image

Immediate Results


More page 1 keywords


Increase in total ranking keywords

Long Lasting Value

Gravity worked alongside Inteliquent to create new content, integrate added technical information, infographics and their new brand voice, all under the banner of Inteliquent’s new mantra, "Because Connections Matter." The site’s improved structure and content, along with a sleek and highly visual design, breathes life to the Inteliquent brand and solves the many issues users had with the previous website. Through the years since launch, Gravity continues to support Inteliquent in maintaining and upgrading their website presence.

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