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Situation before Gravity Global

For four decades, Bostik’s Thermelt® range of bio-based hot melt adhesives have been the preferred choice of product designers, engineers and global supply managers seeking unparalleled protection, durability and performance, without compromising sustainability. Thermelt® has consistently been the natural choice for cutting-edge applications. However, the fiercely competitive marketing necessitated a fresh and striking visual identity to enhance visibility and raise awareness. 


Bostik along with its parent company Arkema, possess unrivaled chemical, engineering and technical expertise. With complete control of the raw material supply chain, from castor bean farms in India, to the manufacturing plant in France, they excel in designing and manufacturing adhesives.  Thermelt® stands out by being made from up to 90% bio-based raw materials, including derivatives of rapeseed and castor beans. Its sustainability credentials are reinforced by its ability to facilitate product recycling through heating, aligning seamlessly with Bostik’s commitment to being ‘sustainability enablers.’

Our strategy involved interviewing key Thermelt® stakeholders to understand the target audience’s needs and researching the competitive environment to establish a clear competitive differentiation – emphasizing the natural and sustainability perspective without compromising performance. 

What We Did

In a market where sustainability often comes at the expense of performance or cost, we focused on showcasing Thermelt® as specifically designed for use in high-performance, luxury and cutting-edge applications such as sports cars, high-end footwear and VR headsets. Leveraging the adhesive’s composition of up to 90% bio-based raw-materials, including rapeseed oil derivatives, we created yellow rapeseed petal-themed visuals to illustrate that these high-end applications can thrive with adhesives that scream performance AND sustainability.

The striking applications were animated and disseminated on social media, the web and through hologram projections at trade shows. Complementary sales materials, including a brochure, Teams backgrounds and more, were also developed. 

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Long Lasting Value

This innovative approach not only elevated Thermelt® in the market but also reinforced Bostik’s commitment to sustainability without compromising on performance. 

Imagining a Sweeter Path to Authentic Connections

We developed platform strategies, content, and KPIs to build master brand awareness while driving product knowledge and trial through social media.

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