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Situation Before Gravity

While Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, Mister Sparky Electricians and One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning are all storied brands with a national presence, their websites were not as useful and handy as the technicians on their expert teams. Plus, the websites were built on a cumbersome and outdated CMS, which handicapped the marketing team from making regular content updates.

Situation Before 9thWonder


After performing extensive usability testing and looking at site analytics, we realized that we needed to do a better job of bringing in customers and giving them a clear path to find an available provider close to them. Not only was duplicate content hurting their SEO, poor navigation was making it hard for users to find a location and schedule service.

Hidden Opportunity

What We Did

Here comes the details! Gravity first executed multiple usability tests to determine audience preferences for navigation, content and methods of contact. We then built information architecture and page structure to create a seamless experience for users to connect with local service providers- whether they entered on a location page, service page or through an offer.

We integrated the site with an existing web service database and added personalization by location IP. The site design employed an updated look and feel and incorporated best practices for user experience on mobile. You still with us? There's more. Custom content was created for the services and locations pages, with keyword optimizations to help with organic rankings. Lastly, all three sites were built on the far more user-friendly CMS, Drupal, which enabled the marketing team to easily assign permissions levels and get to work updating all the content they needed to.

One Hour Site     Benjamin Franklin Site     Mister Sparky Site

AuthorityBrands image
AuthorityBrands image

Immediate Results


Increase in organic traffic for One Hour


Increase in organic traffic for Mister Sparky


Increase in organic traffic for Ben Franklin

Long Lasting Value

The new CMS is alive and active, and the marketing teams at each location are now able to easily log in, make updates to their own content, add pages and post new blogs/news. All sites have seen an upswing in organic traffic due to new, unique content, and an increase in conversions due to improved UX and design.

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