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Do You Know if Your Digital Marketing is Working?

A small amount of missing data can cause a huge problem in attribution.

Stop spending money without knowing if your marketing is working or not. Gravity is Google Analytics and HubSpot certified and has experience setting up analytic environments within every major CRM and marketing automation system. No matter what you want to track, or where you want to track it, we know how to develop custom implementations so you can get the KPIs that matter for your business.

Analytics Solutions

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization starts with analytics to uncover the “what,” then moves on to user testing to uncover the “why.” Following a methodology of continual, incremental improvement, our conversion optimization process produces measurable results for every client.

Google Analytics Analysis

If you are confident in your data capturing, but don’t have the time to perform your own analysis, we’ve got you covered. Whether it’s a one-time audit, or ongoing reporting, we can get you the KPIs you need, when you need them.

Data Intelligence And Reporting

A comprehensive offering that audits your existing analytics setup, configures and implements new or missing tracking, and automates reports of key metrics. Also available with statistical analysis for data manipulation that cannot be performed within standard analytics tools.

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