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What Would da Vinci Say About Online Marketing

September 14, 2015

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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. – Leonardo da Vinci

Let’s keep this simple. Let’s amplify your offering in the digital marketplace. After your online marketing campaigns are live, we can layer in (simple) sophistications.

First, a simple question: is your product/service “worth it”? Valuable, efficient, fun, useful, better and cost-effective are some words that come to mind. Paid online marketing can accelerate the success of a remarkable product or service, but it absolutely cannot save a bad one. So if you’re confident, let’s go!

  • Set your goals. Now stack them in order of importance. What winds up No. 1 on that list? That is your key performance indicator and should be top of mind at all times.
  • Implement your tracking. Go to Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager and follow the instructions. It’s straightforward and costs nothing to tap into access of priceless data.
  • Develop multiple creative elements. You never know what messaging will resonate in the marketplace, so build and keep an arsenal of creative options to test.
  • Build your campaigns. There will be intricacies with each network, but each user interface will have simple instructions to follow.
  • Launch your campaigns and immediately begin to analyze your data. Focus your calculations on your key goals.

With truly simple campaigns, the live data will almost immediately tell you what is working and what is not. Prune losing campaigns. Focus your time/energy/spend on optimizing the promising performers at this critical early juncture.

Regardless of the size of your campaigns, these simple steps will successfully lead any winning product/service into the sophisticated world of paid marketing. Build on your initial successes to keep momentum going.

And good luck. Although if you properly promote a remarkable product/service, you probably won’t need it.

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