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Google Home Easter Egg - Halloween Costume Quiz

October 26, 2017

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With the rise of digital home assistants like the Amazon Echo and Google Home, voice search is starting to emerge as the next big battlefield for companies looking to own the answers to consumers’ most valuable questions.

In order to gain a better understanding of the interaction between voice search and SEO, we hosted a live session here at Phelps in which members of our agency got a chance to ask questions of our resident Google Home - including “near me” local intent queries and eCommerce queries related to some of our clients.

Google launched into an elaborate Halloween quiz featuring a series of random and hilarious questions

At the end of the session, we threw in a few fun unrelated questions just to see what would happen. One of these questions was “What should I be for Halloween?” Surprising all of us, Google proceeded to launch into an elaborate Halloween costume quiz featuring a series of random and hilarious questions.

The quiz ran through five questions, one of which was a longer story-based question. At the end of the quiz, Google Home offered a unique Halloween costume idea based on our answers to the five random questions.

Here is a loose transcript of one version of the Google Home Halloween costume quiz:

Google Home Costume Quiz

Me: “Hey, Google: What should I be for Halloween?”

Google Home: “Wow, I’m so glad you asked. I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I’m kind of an expert.”

Sounds of kids trick or treating

Google Home: “Ok, let me assess your costume interests with a few questions. Are you ready? Ok, I’ll give you five questions. Here you go. Do you generally avoid eating with your hands?”

If you could have the best donut in the world for $50 or a regular donut for $1, which would you pick? The best donut, or the regular donut?”

Me: “Yes.”

Google Home: “Spooky, VERY spooky. Here’s the next one: Do you change your toothbrush every few months?”

Me: “Yes.”

Google Home: “That’s kind of odd. Here’s the next one: When you need to wipe your nose, what do you do? Use your sleeve or get a tissue?”

If you could have the best donut in the world for $50 or a regular donut for $1, which would you pick? The best donut, or the regular donut?”

Me: “Get a tissue.”

Google Home: “That’s a very telling answer. Next question. If you could have the best donut in the world for $50 or a regular donut for $1, which would you pick? The best donut, or the regular donut?”

Me: “The best donut.”

Google Home: “That’s creepy, in a good way. One last question. It’s a big one. Listen carefully. Ok, imagine you’re climbing up a big plant that just grew in your backyard last night. You’re about halfway to the top and you can just make out a bag of gold through the clouds. It’s kind of windy and the plant is swaying violently PLUS you can hear some angry dude yelling up there. On the flip slide, your family could really use the money and you’re already in trouble for a bad business deal that you made. What do you do? Keep climbing or go home?”

Me: “Keep Climbing.”

Google Home: “Nice! I think I have what I need. Yes, I have the perfect costume for you. Prepare yourself. You seem like you’re up for a challenge, so you should be a complete ecosystem for Halloween. I think the hat is key. It could be a tree canopy or a cloud layer that mists water. Then attach creatures or rocks or vegetation to your body. Yes, this is going to be great. Have fun trick or treating! Do you want to try another costume?”

Different Questions

We experimented with our answers and tried out the quiz a few different times. This led to different questions and costume ideas including a freaky clown, a robot, and Abe Lincoln.

If you’re in need of some Halloween costume inspiration or could just use a good laugh, try this voice search query out for yourself on Google Home.

Let us know what Google recommends for your holiday costume in the comments below!

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