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12 Great Inventions That Will Inspire the Future

May 20, 2014

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Technically, anything is technologically possible - what would you like to see humans invent in your lifetime?

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It’s hard to keep up with technology - everyone knows that. This rings even truer when you work for a digital marketing agency and you have folks turning to you to educate them on the latest and greatest techy marketing opportunities out there on the www. As difficult as it is to keep up though, it’s worth it when you read about all the fascinating, way cool stuff being invented or thought about. I recently read this article/report

by the Pew Research Center and Smithsonian Magazine called “From teleportation to robot servants: Americans’ predictions and dreams for the future” and I thought it would be fun to ask a few folks in Gravity’s friend circle what they would like to see invented in their lifetime.

Full disclosure: I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t secretly hoping that someone threw out some really cool idea that I could steal away and present to my investment club* for funding, masterminding and eventual world domination. I don’t think I got anything worth making readers sign an NDA for prior to reading this article, but you can be the judge. I can guarantee a giggle or two as the answers ended up being a mix of outrageous, genius, ridiculous and thoughtful. All of them are awesome.

“I want a pill that lets me eat everything all the time and stay 100% healthy. I will then buy a KFC franchise.” - Jon, Developer and Competitive Eater

“The one and only technology innovation I would wish for is the development of clean abundant energy. By removing ourselves from the choke hold of fossil fuels and other primitive energy sources, we can accelerate our growth. If we can re-invent the wheel for energy production it would cause a ripple effect through all innovation. The lack of energy and/or high costs of energy restricts all forms of innovation, small and large.” - Jimmy, SEO Strategist and, apparently, Clean Energy Activist

“I would like more lay-person tools to repair things: shoes, clothes, drywall, electronics, kitchen items, etc. I feel like you have to go to an expert for things that should not be so hard, or require serious machinery.” - Lisa, Accounts Supervisor and Aspiring Handywoman

“I love my cat. I really wish we could just have a chat once in a while, so I want someone to decode cat language and invent a device that will allow us to have a good ol’ man-to-cat and cat-to-man conversation. Like this morning, my cat looked at me like it didn’t approve of my hair. I would like to know why.” - Mark, President and Shameless Cat Lover

“My idea kind of already exists!” I want my entire windshield to display my Google maps so I don’t have to look down at my phone while I’m driving. I get so lost so easily, I need it to be idiot proof.” - Devin, Traffic Manager and Self-Appointed Car Passenger

“Self-driving cars – oh wait, we already have them. Watch this… it’s pretty amazing:

These things better be commercialized in the next 20 years. Our current road infrastructure could support far, far more vehicles if we could eliminate accidents and inefficient driving habits (not to mention the world would be a much better place).” - Jeff, Director of Interactive

“I’d like to have someone invent a self-watering garden. Not something that’s set on a timer, but an irrigation system created with some sort of sensor that allows plants/flowers/lawns to be watered ONLY when needed. To conserve both water and money. Planters that sort of do this exist, but not a total landscaping system.” Katherine, Account Manager and Gardener

And as a bonus, I asked a group of students from North High School who visited Gravity with KidsTek to see what working at a digital agency is like. Here’s what they have to say…

“Better cellular coverage around the world.” - Gio, Student

“One idea I would like humans to invent in my lifetime is a machine where I can go into in the morning after a shower and it will pick out a nice outfit that will fit the weather and do my hair. Getting up in the morning for all of this is really hard. I know this is a 10% chance but I really think everybody will love it.” - Rachel, Student

“In my lifetime I would like to see humans invent is some kind of a car that helps to stop global warming.” - Janet, StudentJanet, Student

“I would like to see technology grow in the medical field. Have technology go from a giant CAT scan machine to a portable scanner, and a way to track peoples vitals and health better.” - Jose, Student

“An idea that I feel would be cool to see be invented, would be a mirror that acts like your closet. The basic premise of this idea is to be able to swipe on the top half surface of the mirror for all of your shirts, sweaters, button-ups, and so on. Swipe on the bottom half for all your pants and shoes. And after you have made your selection the mirror would open and the clothes you have chosen to wear would appear. This would be really futuristic and awesome! It would blow my mind to see this be incorporated in everyday life. You could even make it recognize your voice and make it be controlled all by your voice. You would say “next” for the next article of clothes or back if you want to see a previous piece of clothing. This combines your mirror with your closet and makes it an interactive experience when you are trying on clothes if this becomes commercialized.” - Juan, Student

*Do not worry, dear contributors, your ideas and inventions are safe here on this blog post. My investment club consists of a handful of lifelong friends who mostly get together to eat and drink too much, talk about our dreams and pick a stock or two to invest a sum of not more than $100 in. I cannot speak for my readers though. Can we trust them?

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