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Situation Before Gravity

Essilor of America is the world’s largest manufacturer of spectacle lenses, and is largely dependent on thousands of independent optometrists to sell their products directly to consumers. Doctors were unable to show how certain products worked before they recommend adding them to a patient’s prescription glasses. Eyeglass features can seem daunting and expensive to patients—especially when they aren’t exactly sure what a product does.

Situation Before 9thWonder


Essilor needed a way to maximize conversion to Essilor branded lenses at the dispensing table that allowed for consistency, efficiency and trackability. They wanted to find a way to help doctors show their patients the value/benefits of certain products before they recommended adding them to their prescription lenses.

Hidden Opportunity

What We Did

Gravity concepted and designed a customer-facing app, called LenSelect to help eye care providers (ECPs) and their staff demonstrate the features and benefits of Essilor lens products. The step-by-step process in the app allows ECPs to customize recommendations and demonstrate the most up-to-date product comparisons, through user-friendly demos. Real-life scenarios and settings helped educate the patient in an entertaining way, while calculator features helped doctors show why add-on products are good for both the eyes and the practice bottom line.

LenSelect image
LenSelect image
LenSelect image

Immediate Results

LenSelect was piloted in Q4 of 2018 with 50+ ECPs across various regions of the country. Response was so positive, Essilor decided to move forward with a full rollout to all Essilor Experts practices within the system.

Long Lasting Value

Once this product is fully rolled-out, Essilor will be able to make rapid adjustments to the content living in the app, as well as track how use of the demo tool affects sales in practices using the LenSelect tool. Stay tuned for more information and results as data is collected and analyzed in the latter part of 2019!

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