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Situation Before Gravity

Finding a camp that suits a child's wants and needs is hard for any parent. The challenge is heightened when parents are looking for a unique place that will provide intensive therapy for their children with special needs in addition to the regular camp adventures.

The Adam’s Camp website did not reflect all that these programs have to offer for campers with special needs and their families. While Adam's Camp is exciting, organized and energetic; website visitors found it difficult to identify simple things like what the therapy programs are, how to sign up and what the benefits of Adam's Camp are. More often than not, users ended up calling Adam's Camp out of confusion.  In addition, the website was difficult to update and not optimized to support their SEO initiatives to attract new campers and volunteers.

Adam's Camp
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After reviewing the website’s usability, tone and creative, it was refreshed with new content that would help users immediately understand who Adam’s Camp is, which programs campers qualify for and, most importantly, allow campers to get a real sense of adventure and growth they’d find at camp, before they get there!  

Hidden Opportunity

What We Did

It’s all in the details! While working on the new site design, we felt this was an opportunity for Adam’s Camp to set themselves apart.

Gravity messaging, UX and design teams worked closely with the Adam's Camp team to understand every program and audience preferences for aesthetics, navigation and methods of contact. The design team was committed to creating a colorful, playful and professional website featuring carefully considered animations. Custom content was created to develop captivating, informative descriptions that both parents and campers enjoy and can digest with ease. 

Adam's Camp
Adam's Camp
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Long Lasting Value

The new site and CMS is up and running, just in time for parents and campers to sign up for friendships and experiences that will last a lifetime. The marketing, volunteer and therapy program teams can easily log in and make updates to their own content, add pages and post new events. The new content, focused UX and design have created a dramatic increase in organic traffic and increased conversions.   

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