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2019 SEO Recap: The Year in Review

December 18, 2019

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Every year brings big shifts and changes in the field of SEO; even so, 2019 felt momentous, with SEO taking a few big, evolutionary leaps forward. As we head into a new year, it may be valuable to reflect on what’s transpired over the past 12 months.

Algorithmic Updates

Some of the biggest changes have been algorithmic ones. The year 2019 saw more than a dozen major updates, including three confirmed core algorithm updates. These include the recent BERT update, meant to improve Google Natural Processing. There was also a consequential site diversity update.

Other noteworthy changes include the YouTube takeover as #1 in search and a range of Google My Business updates. The bottom line: Google is continuously evolving, and it’s critical for SEO professionals to adapt in kind.

Implications for Marketing Teams

 As for marketing teams, it’s critical to stay on top of things with the latest information and the best available tools. Those teams that can’t be nimble and adaptive may risk losing their SEO visibility, to say nothing of losing customers to their more robust competitors.

The year 2019 confirmed the need for an enterprise approach to SEO, and for search optimization efforts to be fully integrated with user experience and other marketing disciplines. Again, to stay on the cutting edge, it’s crucial for SEO and marketing professionals to adapt to these changes.

Working with an Enterprise SEO Company

The best way to accomplish that? Partner with an enterprise SEO agency, where you’ll have a team of experienced experts and marketers who keep up with the latest trends and work together to provide a holistic approach.

Look out for red flags when hiring an SEO agency, and make sure they are proactive in understanding Google trends and priorities. Of course, it is nearly impossible to predict Google’s next updates specifically, but a good SEO agency will understand the general move toward an improved search experience, and propose the right practices to comply with Google trends.

Looking Ahead to 2020 

Is your business prepared to meet its marketing goals in 2020? One way to get ahead is by enlisting the services of a forward-thinking enterprise SEO firm. Contact us at Gravity and see how we can help you with your 2020 SEO and marketing goals.

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