Tourism Fiji: 'Find Your Bula' Campaign Tourism Fiji: 'Find Your Bula' Campaign
Tourism Fiji: 'Find Your Bula' Campaign
Tourism Fiji: 'Find Your Bula' Campaign

Finding travel-ready audiences through our ConsumerX targeting.

Finding travel-ready
audiences through our
ConsumerX targeting.mask

We helped Tourism Fiji prime the pump for a post-COVID reopening of the island’s tourism by hitting our target where they’re spending a lot of their pandemic downtime: Online.

We created an interactive “Find Your Bula” campaign to support travel enthusiasts as they safely seek new adventures. The campaign plays off of the Fijian greeting “Bula” – a term with many meanings including hello, happiness, good health, and the energy of life.



Following the World Health Organization’s declaration of the COVID-19 global pandemic in March 2020, Fiji closed its borders to international visitors and remained closed until December 2021. In anticipation of Fiji’s borders re-opening to travelers, Tourism Fiji’s goal was to inspire the North American audience to feel excited and safe to travel oversees to Fiji. Some of the barriers included:

  • Competition from many travel destinations
  • Safety (on the plane, throughout the destination)
  • Comfort level with the COVID-19 vaccine
  • Travel shame due to recent pandemic restrictions
  • Distance to destination/travel time
  • Price



While we could not safely start traveling again, people were looking for outlets to wonder and escape. Using digital media executions, we got in front of potential travelers as they started to make plans for their first post-COVID-19 vacations. We shared all the reasons that Fiji is a perfect place to go for the vacations they’ve been dreaming about while stuck on zoom calls and working from home.

For the moment, Tourism Fiji offered a way to relax, recuperate and get-away in spirit by delivering the Bula joy and happiness in a virtual environment.

Find Your Bula helped reinvigorate our ConsumerX’s passion for travel, culture and adventure and had the effect of keeping Fiji top- of-mind for when it was safe to travel again.


We identified the Active Adventurer as the segment most likely to come to Fiji as soon as COVID restrictions were lifted.


These adventurers are always up for foreign travel, especially to places they’ve never been. Heavy online researchers, they rely on their expertise to book their own trips and activities with the help of sites such as TripAdvisor.

They’ll travel alone, as a couple or with a small group of like-minded cohorts. Being active is important to a memorable vacation – from scuba and hiking to golf and sailing. They also love to learn about new cultures and try new cuisine. And when it comes to costs, they see the value in paying for business class, a longer trip and all the adventures that let them get the most out of their experience.



The “Find Your Bula” campaign includes an interactive quiz that provides travelers with a travel itinerary matching their preferences for optimal happiness. The campaign plays off of the Fijian greeting “Bula” – a term with many meanings including hello, happiness, good health, and the energy of life. 

In fact, the interactive quiz got picked up by Tourism Fiji for adaptation for other world markets.

Find your Bula



Upon reopening the borders to North American visitors, Fiji is an ideal post-pandemic destination –one that is and has remained COVID-19 safe, allows natural social distancing, has a wide variety of islands to choose from, offers mostly boutique resorts with under 50 rooms total, and is known for its wide-open beaches and expansive rainforests. 

This campaign puts a positive uniquely Fijian spin on all of the things that have been tough in the past year and invites travelers to enjoy the things that come naturally in Fiji. It highlights the differences of our tropical paradise and showcases the parts of Fiji that are best experienced by visiting in person. 


We were able to find a targeted group of consumers who indexed high as potential travelers and when we targeted them, our targeted goals were exceeded. Through paid social, programmatic, endemic digital media and an interactive quiz, our campaigns drove leads and bookings. 

To date the campaign has achieved:

759,643 Click-Throughs


257,778 Social Engagements


1,977 Quiz Engagements/Leads


5,882 Booking Referrals


73,504 Engagements on the Campaign Landing Pages


Sold out capacity for boarder reopening



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