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Brand and Creative

Unleash growth through award-winning and ideas-driven concepts, underpinned by measurable brand performance and strategy.

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Brand Strategy

We know that the potential to drive growth and profitability is locked in every brand. Guided by our framework F.A.B, we discover and unleash that potential by finding market territories you can own. We then create an inspirational brand and experience that captures the hearts and minds of the target audiences, out-plays the competition, and takes a lead role in achieving corporate objectives.

Brand Identity & Design

We believe in idea-driven identities. Not a logo, but an ownable concept; going beyond the marque to create a marketing advantage. That’s why, from the ideas to the ID manuals, our award-winning design work is recognised globally as being among the best in its class.

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Research & Benchmarking

Gravity’s F.A.B model of brand performance sits at the core of our insights programme. It allows a consistent set of metrics to be applied to auditing your brand, mapping your competitors, guiding your brand strategy, and tracking performance. Alongside this, we use bespoke insights to help to identify and scale market opportunities, measure the strength of B2B customer portfolio relationships, assess creative impact, and optimise marcomms campaigns prior to market deployment.

Disruption Focused Creative

We are driven to create a disproportionate share of attention for our clients, which we achieve by developing disruptive creative ideas. As the most awarded agency in our sector, we’re proud of the thinking that has been adopted by our clients worldwide.

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Omnichannel Campaign Creative

Continuing to push boundaries and innovate, we believe ideas should be able to transcend all marketing channels. It’s why, from influencers to broadcast, and everything else in between, we’re channel agnostic, picking up multiple awards across the board.

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