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Colourful Reflections and Engaging Content

Sean Feast

2 March 2021

Author: Sean Feast, Director

AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings is a leader in its field. Its coatings have been adorning and protecting aircraft for many decades, bringing well-known brands and special liveries to life.

COVID-19 has obviously been a challenge: aircraft have been grounded; global air travel severely restricted. This did not mean, however, that AkzoNobel stopped working or supporting its customers. Far from it. Its Aerospace Coatings team continued to deliver a range of bespoke products and services, including virtual training, to keep its customers fully supported throughout the crisis.

Our role was to help them get the message out there that it was, as far as possible, business as usual. The result is Reflections, a colour spectacular, featuring lively and engaging content from Gravity Global’s PR and Content Team. Gravity worked closely with the client in defining the angles, length, structure and tone, while all the time anchoring the content back to key themes of partnership and support.

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Our team interviewed not just senior AkzoNobel executives, but also their customers, to bring each story alive and fully reflect the depth and scale of AkzoNobel’s offering. The result is an exciting mix of long- and short-read articles, not just focused on the major aircraft manufacturers and airlines, but also on AkzoNobel’s General Aviation and Rotor business, and the secret world of the military.

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